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Where can I buy Nicotine E Liquid in Australia?

The short answer is – you can’t. You can’t walk into a store in Australia and buy e liquid with nicotine in it. Australian laws simple don’t allow it. It’s...

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Why are our E Liquids so Cheap?

Instead of sourcing them from the wholesaler we found, we kept working our way up the supply chain till we found the actual manufacturer. This took a couple of months...

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Medical Study Finds E-Cigarettes More Effective at Smoking Cessation than Nicotine Replacement Therapy

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that e-cigarettes are more effective at smoking cessation than conventional nicotine-replacement therapies.

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E Liquid With or Without Nicotine to Quit Smoking

So you’ve heard that vaping is a good way to quit (and it is) but you’re not sure if you should go into it with e liquids that contain nicotine...

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