It’s a lot of fun getting into vaping and quitting smoking – you get to buy a new toy, try a whole bunch of flavours and then… choose nicotine strength?

It’s not a choice you have when you buy cigarettes, I don’t think many smokers know how much nicotine is in a cigarette anyway. But when you’re vaping, you have choices, you’re in control and it’s in your best interest to choose the right nicotine strength for you.


Why it’s important to choose carefully

Before explaining how to choose, here’s why you should make it a conscious choice:

  • If you choose an e liquid with too high a nicotine strength, the vape will be harsh, you won’t enjoy it and you could go back to smoking cigarettes.
  • If you choose an e liquid with too low a nicotine strength, you won’t be satisfied with vaping, you’ll run through your e liquid quickly and you might end up going back to smoking cigarettes.

Both bad outcomes! Here’s how to stick with vaping and leave cigarettes for good.


How much nicotine is in a cigarette?

The average cigarette contains about 12mg of nicotine, but it really can vary. Some cigarettes have as much as 24mg of nicotine and some have as little as 8mg. So let’s take this as a starting point, since the only reason you should be vaping is because you want to quit smoking.


What nicotine strength to choose when you start vaping?

If you’re getting into vaping right away from smoking cigarettes, you’re going to want to choose a higher nicotine strength. Starting with 12mg nicotine e liquid or 9mg nicotine e liquid is a good idea so that you’re getting a similar amount from vaping as you’re used to from cigarettes.

You could buy a bottle of 9mg Nic e liquid and a bottle of 12mg Nic e liquid and try them out. See which you prefer and stick with that while you get used to vaping.


Should I change my nicotine strength?

I would say yes, but this is something for you to decide. I usually advise people to keep reducing their nicotine strength over time. The long-term goal should always be to give up vaping eventually as well, in my opinion anyway.

What many people do is test an e liquid with a lower nicotine strength every so often, maybe every 2 or 3 months. Try it out for a week and if you’re comfortable with it, start ordering e liquids with that nicotine strength. If it feels like you’re vaping more to get the same nicotine hit, then go back up a level.

One day, you might find yourself vaping 0mg nicotine e liquid without even realising it.


There aren’t any fixed rules with this, experiment a little and find out what suits you.

Happy vaping!