If you’re reading this you’re probably a smoker. You’ve probably tried to quit at least once before. And if you’re thinking about getting into vaping to quit smoking, your last attempt at quitting smoking didn’t go so great.

If that’s you, and it probably is, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Quitting smoking is an incredibly difficult thing to do. The fact that you want to quit is actually more than half the battle won.

So you’ve heard that vaping is a good way to quit (and it is) but you’re not sure if you should go into it with e liquids that contain nicotine or those that don’t. That’s a fair question, you might be thinking “If I buy an e liquid with nicotine aren’t I just trading one vice for another?” 

The blunt answer to that is – yes, you are. But of course, it’s not that simple.


0mg nicotine e liquid tastes great, but it’s still a very cold turkey

If you’ve tried quitting smoking cold turkey you know that it requires an immense amount of willpower. It’s possible and I tip my hat to everyone that’s done it, but it’s not something we can all pull off.

Going from smoking cigarettes to vaping e liquid with no nicotine (0mg nic) is like going cold turkey. You’ll satisfy your oral fixation by using the vape and breathing the vapour in and out but it won’t really scratch that itch. There’ll be something missing. It’ll taste great; you’ll have fun with your new toy, but like the last time you tried to quit cold turkey, you could very quickly find yourself with a cigarette in one hand and a whole lotta guilt in the other.

Now, I’m not promoting nicotine, but there is a point I’m getting to.


Nicotine isn’t your friend, but it’s not your worst enemy either

The problem with cigarettes isn’t really the nicotine (again, nicotine isn’t good for you and I’m not promoting it), but it’s the hundreds of other chemicals in cigarettes and especially the tar that will kill you.

There’s plenty to fear in a cigarette like acetone, arsenic, cadmium, formaldehyde, toluene and tar to name a few. There are plenty more but if you read up on those you’ll get the picture.  Nicotine is also a chemical you want to be rid of eventually but compared to those I’ve mentioned it pales in comparison.

Here’s what nicotine does “It increase heart and raises blood pressure.”

Here’s what caffeine does “It may increase heart rate, body temperature, blood flow to the skin and extremities, blood pressure, blood sugar levels…”.

Again, I’m not saying nicotine is good. It’s a a highly addictive substance. But you already know that.

Both nicotine and caffeine are both dangerous for pregnant women, people with heart disorders etc.


Vaping e liquid with nicotine will help you quit smoking

Back to the question of whether it’s worth trading one vice for another; the answer is yes because it isn’t an equal trade.

Moving from smoking cigarettes to vaping means you’re still taking nicotine, but you’re no longer breathing the hundreds of other chemicals in cigarettes. That’s a very unfair trade, but it’s unfair in your favour.

Vaping e liquid with nicotine to quit smoking cigarettes gives you a better chance of quitting because it dramatically reduces your risk of going back to smoking. And that’s what’s important.


Here’s some tips on choosing the right nicotine strength.