Whenever you travel you should always check the countries regulations regarding your favorite habits. This is just good practice to avoid any stress or problems with the local authorities. And vaping is no different, though for many countries in Asia the e-cigarette industry is not really regulated. However, for some countries in Asia if you love vaping you may just want to avoid them completely. But do not worry today we have prepared an article for you to guide you through vaping while you travel through Asia.

Visiting new places and seeing the local culture is always fascinating and fun! So it is better to avoid any mishaps or getting in trouble when you want a quick pull on your e-cigarette. Read on and find out all you need to know about vaping from China to Phuket.


No Nicotine Vaping in Hong Kong

All distribution of any e liquids that contain nicotine is criminalized. So if you can’t live without your nicotine vape then you should definitely avoid Hong Kong. Any purchase or sale of e-cigarette products that contain nicotine will lead to severe consequences if caught by the authorities. You could find yourself in prison just for carrying your nicotine in your suitcase!

There has now even been a discussion of prohibiting vaping completed so you may find that soon it will be a criminal offence to vape even non-nicotine e-liquids.


Vaping Illegal in Cambodia

In 2014 e-cigs were outlawed completely and banned from Cambodia. Doing some quick searches online and through various forums leads us to believe that you can bring your vaping devices through customs without much issue. And there is the talk of a pretty big black market where you can buy your e-liquids, but at the end of the day as a tourist, why take the risk?


All tobacco products banned in Brunei

Brunel swiftly banned any import or sale of e-cigs in 2010, it seems that they see these products as a health risk. It is considered a criminal offence to import or sell any vaping devices, which is enforced by fines of up to $10000. However, vaping itself is not prohibited so you could bring in your own device. What you need to be careful with is that Brunel has numerous no smoking areas. If you are caught vaping in a non-smoking area then you will be fined around $500.


Vaping illegal in Indonesia

Officially all e-cigs are illegal in Indonesia and vapers report that they have had their supplies confiscated at customs. That being said, Indonesia is a very tourism-heavy country and likes to keep everyone happy. The nightlife and Bali beach parties are legendary so if people want to vape while they party then, for the most part, this is allowed.

Many reviews suggest you can bring in your own supplies into Bali without any problems, so it just looks like luck of the draw if you get stopped. Do not worry though because all e-cigarette products are still sold openly in tourist-heavy areas.


Vaping illegal in Thailand

Thailand has some of the harshest vaping laws in Asia. Anyone caught with an e-cig can find themselves up to a decade in prison. Thai prisons are no fun place to be, very overcrowded and often deadly places. We recommend that you do not take an e-cigarette into Thailand and do not even think about using one in public.


Vaping illegal in Singapore

Singapore is another place in Asia that has particularly robust anti-vaping laws. All devices, supplies or even accessories are completely illegal in Singapore. So do not even think about taking them there, even if you have no plans to use it. Vapers have found themselves accused of contraband smuggling when found with any e-cigarette device in their possession.


Vaping illegal in Vietnam

Another country where the government has criminalized any use or sale of vaping products in Vietnam. However, it does appear that in Vietnam it is not as heavily enforced as other Asian countries. Reports and posts online via social media networks indicate that you can take your vaping supplies through customs without any problems. Also, it has been noted that you can purchase e-cigarette products from street vendors.


Vaping banned in Japan

The Japanese government has banned e-cigarettes that contain nicotine since 2010. They don’t have any issues with the actual devices, just the nicotine. Best not to bring any e liquid containing nicotine though.


Other parts of Asia

Those countries listed above are some of the strictest anti-vaping laws, where we suggest you do not vape if you can live without it. Some of the countries above will not hesitate to arrest you and throw you in prison, no matter where you are from. However, not all countries are so strict in Asia so you can still travel around while vaping legally.


Vape in South Korea worry-free

Like most western countries the vaping laws in South Korea consider e-cigarettes to be legal and regulated tobacco products. Therefore vaping is completely legal, however, it is noted that their tobacco taxes are very high. This means that vaping supplies can be very expensive.


Vaping in China is legal

This is the place to visit if you love vaping and travelling around Asia. China is the world’s largest consumer of tobacco products so they are not about to make any tobacco products illegal. In fact, the e-cig was invented in China so is seen as a cultural beacon. Vaping is seen as a valid and medical way to cut down on your smoking habits. You will not find any problem finding vape shops around the country.

Do however be sure to check the region local laws when travelling around. Some cities like Shanghai, for example, do have designated smoking areas, so you cannot just vape anywhere. But you will not find any issue as smoking areas are easy to find!


Laws are constantly changing

We hope you found this article about vaping in Asia helpful for planning your travels. Always be sure to check local news and updates though because laws are always changing. Especially in the e-cigarette industry which is still largely new and unregulated.