Our e liquids are cheaper than most you’ll find in Australia. We could have priced them the same as the rest, we could have priced them a little cheaper than the rest, but we didn’t feel that’s fair.

The simple reason our e liquids are cheaper is because we’ve managed to get great deals with our suppliers.

Instead of sourcing them from the wholesaler we found, we kept working our way up the supply chain till we found the actual manufacturer. This took a couple of months of searching and calling and dead ends, but we got there eventually.

When we found them, we asked if we could take a look at their lab. This was for two reasons; firstly we wanted to open up communications with the manufacturer so that we could begin negotiating. Secondly, we wanted to see the lab for ourselves. There are too many e liquid manufacturers that are basically mixing the stuff in their backyard. And we weren’t going to sell anything like that.

What we saw was incredibly satisfying and reassuring. They have an actual lab with a clean room, a team of technicians and comprehensive processes in place. We were prepared to give up if we couldn’t find a supplier that was nearby enough and legit, but our perseverance paid off.

We then began the process of negotiating order volumes and prices which went well. Going to the source makes a big difference and we’re now passing those savings onto our customers.

Vaping should be affordable and accessible as it really is the most effective way to quit smoking.