0mg Nicotine E Liquids


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The Coffee Co - Latte Only 1 left
Creamy coffee with a dash of vanilla make this one of the best ways to start your day. Light and easy, this is a great flavour to cleanse your taste buds after some of the stronger flavours.
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Kardinal - Vainilla
A rich tobacco that's mellowed by a clean vanilla with a hint of toasted almond. This is what Gandalf packs his pipe with. If you're looking for a light and easy tobacco vape this is a great place to start....
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Flavore X - Pineches
Have you had a pineapple cheesecake? Neither have we, but it'd be pretty damn good if it tasted like this. Fresh and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. Grab yours today.
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Peel Banana - Banana Crunch
If you find straight banana liquids a little too full on, this one blends in some nutty notes to round off the fruityness. If you like bananas and you like peanut butter, this will hit the spot.
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Kardinal - Fragaria
A ripe strawberry wrapped in a tobacco leaf, this is something all tobacco vapers have to try. Unique yet familiar, this is one you won't forget.
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Kardinal - Caramelo
Smooth tobacco followed up with a rich thick caramel. The perfect afer dinner treat. If you're looking for the perfect evening vape this is for you.
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Flavore X - Nutymisu
One of our best sellers; tiramisu with a couple of roasted nuts thrown in for good measure. If you love your desserts this is a winner.
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