shipping and delivery

Shipping Rates

For all orders you now have the choice of ffree shipping or paid express shipping. Pay only for what you buy, no hidden costs. 

Free shipping is great, but bear in mind that it's slower than paid express and the tracking isn't as good. 

Our paid express shipping is much faster, and it's got detailed tracking, but it's not free. For Australia it costs around $15, but it varies according to order size. 

If you would like to enquire about shipping to your country please contact us.

Delivery time

Free shipping usually takes about two weeks for your purchase to reach you. This time can vary slightly but not by too much. It's the fastest we can get it to you for free. 

Our paid express shipping takes less than 5 business days for your pruchase to reach you. 

If your purchase has taken longer than expected please let us know

Please make sure you are fully aware of your country’s laws regarding e-liquid/e-cigarette importation before making a purchase. Although we do ship to most countries, Vape-ware will not be held responsible for orders seized by customs or other law enforcement, or for buyers not holding the relevant import authorization. The buyer will assume all risk associated with their international purchase and is responsible for ensuring their purchase is within their country’s laws. All items shipped internationally must be declared. Customs forms will all be marked honestly, with accurate product and product value details in accordance with Malaysian Laws. In addition, International orders may be subject to import taxes and duty fees. The customer is responsible for paying these charges.